Our Roots:

The Integral Counseling Institute grew out of a conversation begun in 1996 among a circle of friends. The conversation reflected our thoughts and experiences, lofty, anomalous, theoretical, intensely personal, and always
questioning - searching for multiple levels of meaning. It was driven by our curiosity about ideas of self and consciousness, philosophy, spirituality, and the many paths of transformation.

As therapists and seekers, we sought a way to share the excitement, passion, practical discovery, humor, and sheer exhilaration of our conversation with others interested in deep inquiry, and the integration of insight into
personal transformation. We are committed to an empirically based, rational exploration of experience and all states and stages of consciousness including peak, transcendent, and mystical.

The conversation has grown and thrives in a dynamic, expanding dialogue, practice, and friendship for a growing community. We invite you to become a part of it.

John Parker

John is trained in the study philosophy.  He is the retired founding director and CEO of a major northwest behavioral healthcare agency.  He has pursued his passion for reflective inquiry as an independent scholar with a remarkable breadth of study in psychology, cosmology, physics, and mysticism.  His meditation, yoga, and contemplative practice inform his insight with life-grounded understanding and compassion.  John's gift is supporting personal transformation through philosophical inquiry to articulate  and manifest values and beliefs sustained by the equanimity of meditation. Contact  Visit John's blog site at

Shelley Norton

Shelley is a licensed psychologist.  She is also a genuine cheerleader for personal transformation based on the clarification of self through careful and compassionate inquiry.  Her support for the process of change in others is supported by her own meditation practice and personal philosophical inquiry.  She has an exceptional ability to share  unconditional acceptance while simultaneously elucidating and guiding profound change.  Shelley is a gifted therapist assisting individuals and couples evolving through personal and relational challenge. Contact

Jan Kalberer

Jan is a master's level counselor.  Her therapeutic approach is reflected in her own odyssey of personal healing and empowerment - meeting challenge and loss by discovering deep strength through  spiritual inquiry, insight and integration.  Intuitive and empathetic, Jan is known for her sensitive guidance of spirituality discussion groups honoring the truth of each participant's direct experience and as a leader of women's spiritual discovery retreats in the United States and in Europe.  Contact

Tom Tower

Tom is a master's level counselor and clinical supervisor as a certified alcohol and drug counselor.  He is also known as a regionally touring musician and shamanic ceremonial leader.  He brings a lyrical sense of understanding to the challenges of transformation - the movement through that which holds us back to that which draws us forward.  Tom combines keen cognitive insight, meditational skill sets, and mind/body holism to empower the integration of evolutionary personal and relational growth for individuals and couples. Contact




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