i n t e g r a l  c o u n s e l i n g  i n s t i t u t e

Our Logo Story

During the long course of our        conversations we have explored    various geometric models "to hang these philosophical, spiritual, and  experiential ideas on".  With the hope that the structure helps us to visualize interdependence, perspective, and relationships.  They have also been useful in building ideas for a simple base, line by line by line and node by node, as it were.

Tom had been experimenting with a visual meditation using the idea of a hypercube, that is, a cube projected into more than three dimensions.  Quite unexpectedly, one day (while driving!) he quickly went through his practice and added a new element that we had recently discussed.  He was instantly thrust into the experience of a profound mystical, visionary, and psychological event.  For a time of approximately twenty minutes he  held the vision of a multidimensional hypercube.  It was an  experience of great bliss and affection, laughter and tears.

Our logo is a two dimensional translation of Tom's              hypercube.  It tends to move and reassemble itself            depending on one's perspective and is a nice model for the notion of integrating the many dimensions of ourselves: phenomenal and noumenal,  spiritual and embodied, individual and interdependent,  thoughtful and emotional, separate and yet one.

The graphic design was developed by Tom's brother, Michael Murphy, a well known artist in California's San Francisco Bay area.




Logo artist Michael Murphy



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