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What Participants Are Saying About 

21st Century Stress Relief Workshops


"I've been to hundreds of workshops and trainings over the years for personal and professional goals. The Healing 21st Century Stress Intensive was the best I have ever attended. Your format actually models the course content. It was effective and efficient with no time wasted. It delivered just what I needed with new skills and motivation to use them before taking on significant extra work stressors. Thank you." (Kent, Business Owner & Director)

"I want you to bring this workshop to my hospital for all the recovery room nurses. We would be healthier, happier, and communicate better, too." (Linda, RN)



"Since the workshop I've encountered new stressors - a death in the family and graduate exams. I've been able to step back from the experiences, live with them, feel them without getting caught up, anxious, and suffering in
them. Thank you."(Meredith, graduate student)


"Tom Tower is the Dr. Phil of Wintergrass." (a participant in the Stage Fright Workshop held at the Wintergrass Music Festival 2006)


"Thank you for creating a trusting, warm, and welcoming environment.  I knew that nothing could happen that I didn't approve.  All the work was done out of love and truly for our own personal betterment.  If you allow yourself to be open to this experience, truly phenomenal growth can happen." (E.T, Shamanic Journey participant)


"The drumming - the rhythm itself - allowed me to shut out the habitual conversations in my head so that I could follow my deeper self.  When the session was over, I wanted to be in that place again." (C.C., Shamanic Journey participant)


"The journey produced such rich symbolism and optimism for me, so far and so deep, with such clear images and emotion it continues to provide me with powerful insights for reflection and direction."  (K.M, Shamanic Journey participant)


"My experience is difficult to put into works.  The journey allowed me to totally immerse myself in rhythms, vibrations, and harmonics that I can only describe as feeling the drum singing.  Ultimately, the single sound deepened my awareness of a sense of falling and all the messages that theme reflects in my life for love and healing." (C.H, Shamanic Journey participant)

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Tom, Jan, and John enjoying a
moment in the meditation garden


The Integral Counseling Institute is located in a beautiful historic home on the corner of 12th and Belmont in Portland, Oregon.
You can't miss it!


            Tom Tower teaching his "Stage Fright" workshop

            at the River City Bluegrass Festival in Portland, Oregon




            Tom Tower, Master Storyteller enthralls a room full of four year olds!